Dawn Cawley


I joined Hospital Radio when Methuselah was in nappies.
Radio has always been my ‘thing.’ As a 7yr old, I saved up 6d a week pocket money for a down payment on a ‘trannie,’ as it was called then.
I used to listen to Jack Jackson on Radio Luxembourg until midnight on a Sunday. My Mother must have wondered why I left for school on a Monday morning, bleary eyed!

For two and a half years I performed poetry and monologues ‘what I wrote,’ as a monthly guest on ‘Janet Kipling in the Afternoon.’
I enjoyed being behind the mike and when Janet left, decided to join Hospital Radio (she’s back at Radio Devon again – must catch up with her sometime)

I began my time at Hospital Radio presenting a half hour show called ‘Rhythm and Rhyme.’ We’ve still have several recordings, which are broadcast from time to time.
Nowadays I present a show called ‘A Spoonful of Sugar,’ which goes out live on a Tuesday 8 – 9.30pm. Requests are filtered in and I collect them from a ward before the start of the themed show.

Ward visiting is a rewarding experience (no pun intended) We try to cheer the patients up, especially those who live a long distance away and don’t get many visitors. It’s often a rush to get back in time, as when you start chatting, time flies.

Apart from Hospital Radio, I sing in The Plymouth Philharmonic Choir, which rehearse on a Thursday night, with extra practises when a concert is near. I also enjoy writing and was chuffed to have my first book, ‘The Old Fart’s Guide to Survival,’ published by Splendid Publications in 2016.

Hopefully, in the near future ‘A Spoonful,’ will be broadcast direct from a ward on Tuesday nights. It will be fun. We get to meet some fantastic patients who help to make an entertaining show. Being live, anything can happen and it usually does!

A good laugh is the best form of medicine, so if you fancy a dose, why not tune in on a Tuesday.

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