What will I do?

One of the key requirements of Hospital Radio members is ward visiting to collect requests and messages from patients who may like a particular piece of music played. Depending on your area of involvement, you will be trained up to use the equipment enabling you to present a show from the studio or get a chance to do live presenting at our events or on ward broadcasts. You will learn the role of Production Assistant and Studio Manager and how they contribute to studio shows, as well as being expected to contribute to meetings and the general development of the station.


Each member is also expected to help out with at least six of our fundraising events a year – for example showstage events, supermarket bucket collections, auctions and boat trips – or of course a new idea you can suggest a brand new idea of your own!


What does HRP look for?


Energy, passion, dedication, and something that you can bring to the station. Maybe you have great musical knowledge and want to develop a specialist music programme, or you have a strong understanding of computers and can offer support in the studio, or you may have a passion to work on our news programme using your journalistic skills. Or you may enjoy meeting people and would like to ward visit. Perhaps you have fundraising skills – and ideas! Whatever you have to offer, we will help you to utilise your skills for the ongoing development of the station.


How do I join?


To join us, request a application for here, please include your name, address and contact telephone number.


(We are currently experiencing a few gremlins in the system. If you are told after sending us a message that there has been an error, don’t worry – we have received your message and we will reply! If however you haven’t received an acknowledgment from us within 24 hours, please come back and submit again.)


Work Experience Placements


We look for volunteers who are able to contribute over a period of months or years. Unfortunately we are no longer able to accept people for short-term placements of 1 or 2 weeks. This is because volunteer duties are predominantly during weekday evenings and also having different crews on different nights means we cannot give the continuity of mentoring needed over such a short space of time. Because of the disproportionate number of enquiries we receive for short-term work experience placements we regret that we will not be able to respond individually to them.


To join us, request a application form here, please include your name, address and contact telephone number